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We create surprisingly simple and intuitive solutions to fight fraud and other forms of financial crimes


AML Compliance

Overwhelmed by ever-increasing anti-money laundering regulations and the exorbitant fines for non-compliance? Alessa puts you ahead.


Fraud Detection and Prevention

Let Alessa show how you can build fraud detection and prevention into your daily operations.


Transaction Monitoring

Is your homegrown transaction monitoring system creating exposures in your organization? Let Alessa help you review every transaction and identify more suspicious activity.


Sanctions Screening

Do you know who you are doing business with? Let Alessa help you identify high-risk and sanctioned entities.

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Continuous Controls Monitoring

Do you need to continuously review business processes to ensure that they are meeting targets? Let Alessa help your organization improve the effectiveness of controls, detect high-risk issues and more.

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Providing compliance and crime-fighting capabilities across many industries

Banks & MSBs

Complete AML solution that automates processes and reduces false-positives and workload

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Simplify AML compliance with a flexible solution that grows with the organization

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Protect the bottom line by identifying claim transactions that are suspicious or fraudulent

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Gaming & Casinos

Complete due diligence, identity verification and automated regulatory reporting

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Corporate & Retail

Monitor processes across the organization to identify control breaches, fraud and loss

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...and more

Use Alessa in any industry for continuous controls monitoring and fraud detection

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