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Modular and scalable AML compliance solution that meets the unique needs of FinTechs

Reducing burden of AML regulations

According to a study by the Financial Conduct Authority, FinTechs are in the top three groups whose bank accounts are closed most frequently because they are viewed as a high risk for money laundering and terrorist financing.


Alessa helps FinTechs comply with anti-money laundering (AML) regulations in order to maintain their relationships with banks.


By providing a modular solution that addresses all aspects of AML compliance and that can scale to their current and future operations, Alessa is an easy way to meet the requirements of regulators.

What FIs Need to Know About Cryptos

6 ways Alessa helps FinTechs with their AML program

Modular Solution

Use to meet current and future needs so you can focus on your business

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Due Diligence

Use during onboarding for identity verification and sanctions screening to reduce risks

More about screening
Transaction Screening

Monitor all transactions and flag suspicious activities for further investigation

Detecting fraud
Regulatory Reporting

Automate creation, validation and e-filing of SARs, CTRs, STRs for many jurisdictions

Reduce the burden
Risk Scoring

Configurable assessment of risks based on customer profile, products and activity

Building a risk model
Investigation Tools

Easy workflows and case management tools that engage everyone in compliance

Using efficient workflows

Quicker onboarding with fewer hassles

Alessa integrates with onboarding systems, risk intelligence data and identity verification solutions to quickly screen and confirm the identity of new customers – all from one application.


Get a true picture of risks

Alessa uses OFAC, politically exposed persons (PEPs), sanctions and internal lists, to provide a realistic assessment of the potential risks associated with an entity.


The solution also periodically reviews an organization’s existing customer base and updates their risk level based on their activity as well as data from third-party lists.

AML Compliance With Alessa

Review every transaction

Get a holistic view of customer activities by monitoring every transaction and generating alerts for suspicious activities with the highest risk.


Alerts are sent to the appropriate personnel for investigation and tracked using the case management system.


Leverage technology advancements

Use rules-based analytics with anomaly detection and predictive analytics using methods such as clustering, data/text mining, machine learning and network analysis, to detect suspicious activity sooner and more accurately.

Transaction Monitoring With Alessa

Self-learning system

Configure Alessa to learn how alerts have been transitioned in the past and reapply those decisions to future alerts. This highly configurable feature reduces the workload on compliance staff and the number of repetitive decisions.


Reduce time spent on regulators

Automated  regulatory reporting where currency transaction reports (CTRs), suspicious activity reports (SARs) and suspicious transaction reports (STRs) are generated and validated, reduces time spent filling out forms and correcting errors.


Alessa can also e-file and confirm receipt for multiple jurisdictions.

Risk Intelligence With Alessa

Need to focus on the challenges of being a disruptor?

Let Alessa take care of your AML needs so you can focus on your business.