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ACAMS: Sanctions Spotlight: The Venezuelan Morass

  • Tailoring sanctions models to address unique Venezuelan risks including transactions with banned entities, trade-based money laundering and the looting of state enterprises
  • Analyzing case studies such as Operation Money Flight to detail Venezuelan PEP and SDN risks and examining methods to launder proceeds such as US real estate purchases
  • Keeping staff current on Venezuelan sanctions shifts and utilizing KYE to mitigate risks of rogue employees aiding sanctions avoidance schemes such as payment data stripping


  • Michael Greenman, Senior Vice President, Chief Counsel, AML and Economic Sanctions Law, U.S. Bank


  • Andrew Simpson, Chief Operating Officer, CaseWare RCM Inc.
  • Vita Boomstein, CAMS, ice President, Head of Sanctions & Embargoes Policy and Governance, Americas, Deutsche Bank
  • Kyle T. Daddio, CAMS, AML Expert
  • Saam Youssefi-Rad, Sanctions Compliance Director – Program Integration and Risk Management, Citigroup


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