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Webinar: What FIs Need to Know About Cryptocurrencies

Title: What Financial Institutions need to know about Cryptocurrencies

Facebook’s Libra announcement once again sparked a fury of discussions around the role of digital currencies in the banking system. The reality is, cryptocurrencies are here to stay and financial institutions need to apply the same risk management activities as with any other product. So what does this entail?

In this webcast, Dan Peak, Board Advisor at CaseWare RCM and former CEO for World-Check and Greg Pinn,  Head of Product Strategy at iComply Investor Services will walk the audience through a systematic process that every financial institution should go through when evaluating the risks associated with cryptocurrencies and effective mitigation strategies.

Topics covered include:

  • Overview of cryptocurrency and cryptocurrency regulated businesses
  • Business challenges associated with working with cryptocurrencies
  • High-level view of the current regulatory landscape
  • Differences between risks associated with fiat and cryptos
  • How to manage onboarding, screening, transaction monitoring and regulatory reporting with cryptocurrencies

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