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Part 1: Enhance Implementation of BO Requirement for CDD

By the time FinCEN’s Customer Due Diligence (CDD) Rule came into effect on May 11, 2018, most financial institutions already had long-standing policies and procedures in place with respect to much of the Rule’s requirements.

However, the requirement to identify the beneficial owners of legal entity customers was a dramatic change in policy and procedure with respect to onboarding and ongoing monitoring of legal entity customers and was one of the challenges presented in the implementation.

During Part 1 of our webinar, Laurie Kelly, CAMS explores how to

  • Identifying beneficial ownership, including the legal entity
  • How to collect, store, manage and maintain beneficial ownership information
  • Identity verification for beneficial owners


Want to listen to Part 2 of the webinar? Here is a link to the recording. You can also read the Q&A from Part 1 and Part 2.